Soluna Outreach Solutions provides a variety of services to help clients develop and improve environmental outreach and education programs. 

We will be happy to work with your existing outreach programs or discuss options to create new plans that work for you. 

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Community Engagement and Education

Soluna brings environmental messages directly to your community using multiple  localized venues such as community organizations, local media and community leaders.

Environmental Outreach

Our innovative and hands on approach enables jurisdictions to develop unique and compelling recycling, conservation and diversion programs. At the same time, we can assist in promoting their recycling, conservation and pollution prevention efforts.

We connect directly with the public at community events, trade shows, labor centers, multifamily sites, and community-based organizations to engage, identify and educate the community on environmental issues and availability of resources.

Recycling and Waste Reduction
Successful waste reduction and recycling programs require a strong infrastructure, clear communication, and ongoing attention. Soluna Outreach Solutions offers assistance with all of these elements. Our bilingual/bicultural team can help in the implementation of programs to reduce the volume of waste destined for landfills; which in turn, helps conserve valuable natural resources and protects public health.

We offer intensive hands-on implementation, and we have experience with a wide range of projects including:

  • Food-service polystyrene bans
  • Multifamily recycling
  • Food waste composting
  • Construction & demolition waste reduction and recycling
  • Plastic bag bans
  • Organics recycling for businesses
  • Making the switch to rechargeable batteries
Spanish-Language and Bilingual Environmental Outreach

commA growing percentage of the U.S. population speaks Spanish as their primary language. Polls show that while Spanish-speakers may not be knowledgeable about environmental issues and practices such as recycling, they affirm strong support for environmental protection. We consider that successfully reaching this important audience is both essential and a rewarding opportunity to effect positive change within communities.

Soluna’s team is not only fully bilingual, but fully bicultural; a perfect rapport when engaging with growing diverse communities.

Our Spanish language services are both comprehensive and innovative:

Media planning and placement:
We can help you pick the right mix of media and the right messages to reach the right target audiences within your Spanish-speaking community. We offer complete services including graphic layout, script translations, sound and video recording.

Community-based social marketing
Soluna brings your environmental messages directly to your community through localized venues including community organizations, local media and leaders.

Translations are an opportunity to provide and share information, in a bilingual as well as bicultural way, in order to reach the intended audience. It is important to make sure that some translations are done culturally and not literally, especially when conducting outreach to diverse populations. Soluna is well versed with all types of translations and community outreach.

Live environmental hotline
We offer a dedicated toll-free line answered by trained bilingual staff.

Soluna Outreach Solutions will work with you to create a custom program to meet your needs using either your existing program or a new Spanish-language outreach program.  We create unique plans that work for you. 

The Family Car Program (English as Second Language)
The Family Car is a program that reaches a very diverse audience through a lesson designed for use in adult ESL (English as Second Language) classes. It introduces basic information about how and where to recycle used motor oil and filters for people who change their own oil.

We customize the lesson for each client to include local information and work with ESL teachers at adult schools, community colleges and other venues. The program provides a variety of classroom materials as well as lesson booklets for all students.   To date, the lesson has been taught in over 2,300 classes in more than 21 jurisdictions to about 46,000 students speaking over 100 languages.

Used Oil and Filter Recycling

The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle)’s Used Oil Recycling Program has a variety of grants and payment programs. Through these grants which are awarded to individual jurisdictions, Soluna helps clients promote proper recycling of used motor oil and filters. A few of these grant-funded activities and innovations include:

  • Certified used oil collection centers: recruiting, visits, assistance
  • Agricultural used oil collection programs: establishing and equipping collection centers, publicity & outreach to farmers
  • Marina used oil and bilge pad programs, including extensive one-on-one outreach to boaters.
  • Outreach to residents of multifamily housing
  • Outreach labor centers
  • Spanish-language public radio intensive campaigns including live remotes, interviews, “mini-dramas”
  • Labeling residential garbage cans with “no toxics” message
  • Train-the-Trainer workshops for promotores (conducted in Spanish)
  • Storm drain curb markers
  • Promoting curbside recycling programs: door-to-door, direct mail
  • High school and Community College Auto Shop classes
  • Point-of-Purchase store displays
  • Wheel-of-Fortune made from recycled auto parts
  • English as a Second Language curriculum
One-to-One Outreach

One-on-one outreach during community events provides excellent opportunities to connect and build credibility with the community. Soluna’s hands-on approach when conducting community engagement creates connections, develops partnerships and builds trust and credibility. We conduct direct outreach at more than one hundred community events each year around recycling, conservation, pollution prevention and composting programs.  Thought we currently work in in several in Sonoma, Marin, Napa and Sacramento counties, Soluna is able to scale and work throughout the state.

Spanish Language Media Planning and Placement

According to the U.S Census, the Latino community is expected to be the largest minority group by the year 2050.  The majority of this segment of the population uses Spanish as their primary language.  

The right mix of media combined with the right messages are key when engaging this important demographic.  Soluna has more than 20 years experience working with different media outlets promoting environmental programs in various counties.  Our services include, content development, graphic layout, cultural translations of your created English content and more.

Community Based Marketing

Soluna brings your environmental messages directly to your community through localized venues including community organizations, local media, leaders.

Nuestra Tierra

“Nuestra Tierra/Our Earth” is a one-hour radio talk show that serves as a platform for various environmental topics to outreach the Spanish-language audience in Sonoma County and surrounding areas. This program is produced and hosted by Hugo Mata. It airs every Monday 9:00am-10:00am on KBBF 89.1 FM, the first public bilingual radio station based in Santa Rosa California and reaches Sonoma, Marin, Solano, Napa Lake and other surrounding counties. 

This show provides the opportunity to showcase the services and availability of resources from multiple agencies in these regions; which include water agencies, waste management agencies, sanitation districts, stormwater programs etc.  Overall, these agencies play a big part in keeping our local environment, clean, sustainable and safe.

The program gives a voice the Spanish speaking community on local environmental issues and includes many points of view from this diverse audience.  Nuestra Tierra not only presents information on environmental issues affecting our communities but also provides information on local programs and availability of resources.